7 Feb 2010


Thats right folks a blog called toilet, this is a direct reaction to karys complaint that people have stopped blogging recently.
so I am here to rescue this lost art with a blog about my toilet, 

h'okay so, 
basically my toilet in the main bathroom of my house is a fairly unassuming thing, looks like a toilet, seat, flusher, cistern, bowl, the whole caboodle. However an aspect of its design has come to bother me in recent times, this aspect is the seat, not the plastic plate that covers the bowl when not in use, the loop seat used for when sitting on the toilet for business of a more solid nature.
The camber on this seat however is the wrong way, it is higher in the middle and lower round the edges, this is a problem for 2 reasons,
1) When sitting it is uncomfortable and you get a most unattractive ring on your buttox even if only seated for a few minutes
2) I (like most men) do not lift this loop seat when I urinate from the standing position, (it has a hole in it, why not) and on the odd occasion that I miss (most notably when I have has a little to drink) this design causes the wayward widdle to trickle AWAY from the bowl and onto the floor regardless of how close to the hole it was to begin with.
I clean this mess up, but there are others who wouldn't, making this a most irritating design feature of a toilet, it annoys me as a future designer that someone was paid to design that toilet seat and did so in a manner that didn't even take basic physics involving liquid motion into account

admittedly he/she may have been depressed that their design career had led to them designing a toilet seat, but you don't progress by moping and making bad designs. 

so there is my toilet seat rant, 
thank you for your time, I hope this has inspired some more blogging  on the part of my peers


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