1 Nov 2009

Halloween adventures

Well last night was fairly eventful, no pictures were taken so you will have to use your imagination as i guide you through the story of

WADE AND GRAHAM, HALLOWEEN! (soon to be a major motion picture)

we had nothing to do, nout, nada, nothing that night, we had been asked my my mother to look after Billy at a random party thigie at lupton house because he needed an adult and me and graham pretty much fitted the bill almost.
So we decided to go with that, I had made previous attempts to drum up somthing to do however

  1. Big G didn't want me and graham hanging with him and ruining his rep
  2. DD was going clubbing (private deal with friends and me and graham arnt much for clubbing especailly as torquay doesn't really do it very well, nowhere has enough atmosphere, not enough raving haha
  3. Camille was being unresponsive
  4. Our last line of fire was Robb Han of "the Quincies" who being a band we assumed would be doing some thing AWESEOME after playing the gig they were doing that night, however when i attempted to contact them they too were unresponsive :(
I formed the plan in my mind that after Billy's thing (it ended at 8 30 we would go out and look for some fun times, we knew when and where "the Quincies" were playing and therefore could find them and tag along to whatever they were doing, not something we are usually bold enough to do. anyway

firstly came the creation of costumes,
we had some stowed away, rorchach from the watchmen and zombie soldier, I imagine its fairly obvious who was who 
so after limited prep we were ready and headed out into the night not knowing what it would bring.

Billy's party was fairly uneventful, we briefly got (sorta) chatted up by a pair of 14 year olds, scary stuff.
but the fireworks were cool, and a number of cool tunes were played, and the people watching kept me and  graham interested for the duration of the party, for 3hours it didn't really feel too long, especially considering we weren't having that much fun.

after the "party" we headed off to one-stop via bus (because we are lazy), having dropped billy safely at the bus stop to go home, we bought ourselves 8 bottles of Magners cider, which we figured would suffice for a little while, if we ended up going to a party we wouldn't need any more. 

At one stop I chatted briefly to the cashier and told him I was rorschach and he said he prayed no one went out as doc Manhattan,  I didn't remember that i had in fact seen a doc Manhattan costume in one of the pictures from Kary's Halloween party until afterwards (using a clever pair of short short denim shorts).

me and graham also watched 2 guys who were with a particularly inappropriately dressed(naked) lady/chick/girl/woman and decided they were probably going to get her more drunk that she already was and rape her, (and it was still only 9pm! what they had been doing previously was obviously very boring)

we then got the bus to clennon valley where the "gig" was taking place (we consumed one Magners each to start ourselves off whilst waiting for the bus) on the bus we saw a man who was rather obviuosly win an escort get on the bus, pretty funny stuff, we also had the good fortune of having the same busdriver who took us to the billy thing and who had just dropped him of home again (he assured us of Billy's safety which was nice) It occured to me that everyone seems more friendly at halloween for some reason.

We arrived at the gig,  (which Paddy Turpin of "the Quincies" Described as "the  worst thing I have ever been to in my entire life") and stashed our alcohol (after all it was a youth service deal) we joined the crowd of 7 people in the massive hall, and began working our angles, graham picked out some old friends and got talking to them and i talked to the youth worker man Karl Timmins (by talked i mean ripped pretty much relentlessly, but there was some business talk in there, and promoting the band so all was good) me and graham also got our hands on a set of rather dashing sex drugs and rock and roll promotional items that the youth service loves to throw around. like "SEX" plectrums on necklaces.

it came to be that "the Quincies" also had nothing to do, but were more or less happy for us to tag along as they figured it out, some guy called Ricky (not our Ricky  a less cool one) gave me some sausage rolls and we listened to Will Smith in the car as we cruised over to Preston. Once there we met up with Robb (who had got a lift separately) an realised there want enough room in the car, after a few ideas being batted around (and graham begging to go in the boot) we decided 1/2 of us would go to tesco on foot and the other half would park the car and come meet us. I was in the tesco group as I had an ID I bought wine and a packet of crisps (I was hungry not a lot of food had been consumed that day) Me, Robb and Ricky then waited for the other 3 to turn up which took ages and sparked many impatient profanities from Robb, Ricky talked to some random stoner that he knew who sorta asked if we wanted to go with them, Ricky was up for it but Robb looked apprehensive, he said "they are almost definitely going out dogging" a sentiment I agreed with (welll they looked like the sort haha) , Ricky replied with "yeah, but theres 3 girls and 2 guys they need an extra man! that could be me!"  
the doggers left (without Ricky) and eventually the other 3 of our party arrived where we headed over to Preston beach after grahams idea of "chav hunting " was rejected (we did encounter some chaves and walked past without an issue, graham was latter accused of being a wimp for not starting a fight, hilarious) 
we also saw a girl having a wee next to a bench, we sat at the beach for a while and watched as the security camera swiveled onto us and watched intently for a while, and one point it was scanning over us then skipped very quickly past Paddy and Fred to which paddy was outraged "oh thats right just ignore us, not good enough are we" we moved on a bit drunk a little more, watched as the beach security drove past and chose not to bother us, and sung lyrics in falsetto voices by "the Quincies rival band "the Iconyx" then me and graham began the journey  home, we managed to catch the last bus home, on which the bus driver warned us "do not go upstairs" we soon found out why, 

In Brixham peter pan fell down the stairs of the bus then his friends Minnie Mouse (covered in (fake?) blood) and Quasimodo followed him picked him up and took him off the bust, they did manage to wang his head pretty hard on one of the bus poles truing him around, and he went very quiet after that, it was pretty fun. We rode the bus all the way to the center of Brixham and walked back to see if we could spot any amusing activity but there wasn't really any going on. getting off the bus in brixham 2 girls emerged from the top deck looking traumatized "he puked.... everywhere" on of them managed to say, we looked up and sure enough on the window was a massive cartoon style splat mark, nice, our hearts go out to those poor girls.

we arrived home and, after a short conversation with Big G who arrived home minutes before us, and graham being berrated by my dad wearing nothing but a towel, graham crashed near instantly and I talked online to Karys until the wee hours of the morning (4am the most anti social hour) cant believe she put up with my drunken random conversation that long, usually talking to drunk people irritates me and i expect it to irritae everyone else, haha, still entertainment was had all round.

a good night, in all (whoo)


also graham requested that i include that we both weed on the bus stop however while I was going the bus arrived, I only just finished in time, and we think the bus driver knew anyway (at this point I was entirely sober haha)
Pictures of our cool costumes will be up soon

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